New boxes that are unused, but obsolete are also considered OCC material to recyclers.

An obsolete carton is the most common new material we buy, as it comes from nearly all manufacturing and fulfillment industries. This box was most likely intended for shipment of your finished product, but for whatever reason, they were not used.

We look for the following when purchasing new boxes:

-All cartons are stored in a dry place.

-Quantities range from 500 pieces minimum to full truckload amounts.

We pay premium dollar values over OCC!

Our vendors made an average of 66% over the recycling market value during the last 24 months!

We also use our own trucks to pick up all loads of boxes within our primary service area, and turn to outside carriers to collect all others. We co-ordinate logistics, and pay for transportation costs unless negotiated with our vendors ahead of time. Pick up time is generally 1-7 business days from the time we make a purchase.

Our primary markets are for corrugated. However, we have had recent success finding markets for chipboard and paperboard boxes as well. Please call or email us if you have these items too, and a recycling representative will assist you.

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