Gaylords are a 4 sided or octagonal, pallet sized heavy-duty box. Businesses most commonly receive plastic pellets in them. They are usually 3 to 4 layers thick, and hold from 1,000 - 2,000 pounds. Generally, they come with attached flaps on the bottom and a lid on top.

Food Totes are similar to the plastic industry boxes, except they usually had food in them.

We look for the following when making a purchase:

Four sided or octagon with attached flaps on at least the bottom of the gaylord. These are the most marketable. Flaps on top are also welcome.
Containers are preferably once used.
Should be in reusable condition - flaps are intact, no sections of the walls cut out, no holes in the sides.
Little to no residue if they come from the plastics industry.
No leftover ingredients when coming from the food industry.
Half to full truckload quantities (200-450 gaylords).
We have a very limited market for tubes (pallet containers with no flaps attached on the top or bottom), so please call us if you have these as well.

As with all corrugated we purchase, we will handle the logistics, and cover the freight costs, unless otherwise negotiated.

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