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We have used gaylords and new gaylords of various sizes and strengths as well as octagon shaped gaylords.  We have gaylord boxes designed for many different businesses from agricultural (seed, pumpkins, watermelons, pickles, trees, etc.) to industrial (recycling, automotive parts, plastic resin, regrind, scrap metal, paper, kitty litter, etc.) .  All of these boxes are easy to assemble and fold flat for easy storage.

Benefit of Gaylords:

  • Economical for Bulk Shipments and Storage
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Rectangle or Octagon Shaped
  • Heavy Duty
  • Various Sizes and Strength or Gauge
  • Choice of Full Flap, Flanged or No Flanges
  • New and Used Boxes Available
  • Savings up to 50% and more on our "used" boxes
  • Sample Boxes Available
  • Polyethylene Liners Available

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