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Why pay FULL price for EMPTY shipping boxes?

Used, new surplus, misprinted and overruns

Save with United Container on New Surplus Boxes, Misprinted Boxes, Overruns and Used Corrugated Shipping Boxes!

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Find out how to increase your recycling revenue $20,000 or more!

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Isn’t the smart choice to save 30-50% on shipping boxes of all kinds? What impact will that have on your company’s bottom line? Do the math and we’re certain you will see the value in buying our HIGH QUALITY boxes for your company’s shipping needs.

We're committed recyclers

We buy used corrugated boxes from contract packagers, product manufacturers and others. These boxes may have contained additional packaging materials like fiberboard boxes, ingredients or components (caps, closures, bottles, etc.).

We'll bring boxes to you

We understand that not all companies have the facilities to store a large inventory of boxes on site. United Container has our own fleet of trucks and trailers ready to get any size order to you just in time to save your company valuable floor space at your facility.