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United Container provides used gaylords and used pallet boxes at a fraction of the cost of a newly manufactured box. We pride ourselves on providing the lowest prices on used gaylord boxes without sacrificing the personal attention and prompt delivery service that clients have come to expect from us.

United Container Company is a leading supplier of used gaylords. United Container uses specialized innovative processes to recycle used pallet boxes and reuse gaylord boxes and other types of packaging to allow you to ship your goods in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

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At United Container, providing used gaylords, used pallet boxes, and cheap gaylord boxes has been the core of our business for several years. We are dedicated to providing cost savings for both our suppliers and our customers by buying used octagon containers and selling cheap gaylord boxes. Reusing packaging products is great for the environment and helps companies improve their bottom line.

United Container carries a large inventory of used gaylords, used gaylord boxes, used pallet boxes, cheap gaylords, cheap gaylord boxes, used octagon boxes, and used octagon containers to meet your shipping and storage needs.

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Cheap Gaylord Boxes and Used Octagon Containers

United Container offers a wide range of used gaylords in many sizes and styles. Get cheap gaylord boxes and used pallet boxes to meet your office or business needs. Our commitment to offering the highest quality used gaylords at the lowest prices represents a great packaging value. United Container Company has been providing used gaylord boxes and low cost recycled octagon containers for many years. We service business clients and companies in the Midwest and throughout the United States and Canada from eight facilities with over 850,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. To insure our accounts get the best used gaylords at the lowest prices and the best customer service, we employ a team of experienced professionals and ship many of our used gaylord boxes and octagon gaylord boxes utilizing our own fleet of trucks and trailers.

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