Carry-out floral trays, cardboard trays, cardboard flats, beer flats and pop trays for bedding plants

Use our inexpensive Cardboard Flats for carry-out instead of the plastic tray flats.
Corrugated Carry-out Trays or Cardboard Trays

Staple corner trays


NEW self locking trays

new self lock tray

Variety of Sizes
Additional Styles Available
Corrugated - Printed
150/200 lb. Test Strength

Self-locking Cardboard Tray (pictured above)

Great for flower and vegetable bedding plants, geraniums, mums, Easter Lillies. Call us at 800-253-2840, or complete the form below. We'll show you how you can find significant savings on the Carry-out Trays you use.

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